Providing Evolved Multi-Factor Authentication for Business

LOGIN Shield

protects site from LOGIN ATTACKS

  • Login is shielded from everyone except authorized users
  • Attackers and threats blocked by the connection before the login
  • Feature usable for wide range of systems, servers, and devices

Layered Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Provides three different increasing MFA levels for multiple websites.

  • One eMFA level for normal employee role
  • Second eMFA (eMFA+) level for manager/leader role
  • Third eMFA (eMFA2) level for admin/elevated role

Cyber Threat Shield

Offers protection from unknown threats before the login.

  • Network layer safeguard
  • Shields login from password and session attacks
  • Defends from external MITM, injection, hijacking, redirection attacks
  • Utilizing advanced technology

Cloud & IOT Ready

  • SAML Interface
  • Supports SaaS and PaaS
  • Multicloud (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • IOT Device Protection

Rapid Deployment

Offers rapid deployment

  • Swiftly integrates with most existing servers
  • Extensive re-coding not required
  • Quick setup for users
  • Scalable

Save Bandwidth

Reduce Tunnels (VPN/MPLS)


Protects multiple websites and web applications


Required: PCI and GLBA, Recommended: NIST and HIPAA

Reduce IT Security Costs

Adds another layer of protection, reducing security risk and cost

ALL platforms

Like Salesforce and ServiceNow. PC, MAC, IOT, NIX, and Mobile.

Easy Integration

All major web servers work with eMFA using SSO (SAML)

Simple Pricing

Pay for only what you need

Prices are based on per user not devices.

Introductory Offer


*Per User/ Per month

Paid Annually


*Per User/ Per Month

Paid Annually


*Per User/ Per month

Paid Annually

 *IOT pricing is based on devices. Pricing scales from 1 hundred ($5.49) to 1 million ($1.99) users for eMFA. For more or less listed ask for a quote.

Enhance Security and Reduce Risk.

Our technology offers unique access control and advanced protections for your business services.

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Provides unique services like three layers of MFA access control and Cyber cloaking and shield. Making it different from other MFA security providers.

The business controls the LDAP server for password control, and the OTP and pin are controlled by the eMFA.

Integrate with Apache, NGINX, Tomcat, IIS. SAML is used for rapid deployment.

Other MFA providers use a per user per month, we offer so much more than other providers but this pricing model works.

A LDAP server is included for small businesses to use if needed.

There are several MFA vendors, but none that offer this level of protection and access control of eMFA.

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